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Adaptation strategies to climate variability and change and its limitations to smallholder farmers. A literature search 8892
Mapping of gender roles and relations along onion value chain in northern Tanzania 3176
Determinants of poor academic performance of secondary school students in Sumbawanga district, Tanzania 1511
Challenges facing agricultural extension in the current institutional context: the case of Hai District, Kilimanjaro Region 1296
The Link between English language proficiency and academic performance: a pedagogical perspective in Tanzanian Secondary Schools 1126
Mobile phone use in accessing rice information for adaptation to climate change in Kilosa and Kilombero districts, Morogoro, Tanzania 1088
Communication channels for exchanging agricultural information among Tanzanian farmers: A meta-analysis 857
Communication Management and Stakeholder Satisfaction in Project-Based Organisations: the Case of Research, Community and Organizational Development Associates (RECODA) 841
Production and characterization of Jackfruit jam 766
The regeneration of miombo woodlands in charcoal Production areas in Kilosa district, Tanzania 738

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